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Ozette Loop
September, 1998

Seeking a bit of late-season backpacking, we set out for the extreme NW corner of Washington State.  Our goal was to hike the Ozette Loop over 2 days, which you can read all about here courtesy of the National Park Service.  By all accounts the hiking would be flat and easy, with the only real challenge being the slippery footing on the boardwalks.  Our group of 10 included, from Seattle: Laura, Cash, Joe, Kristina, John, Leslie, and myself; from Portland: Michelle; from Vancouver: Sarah; and all the way from the Bay Area: Allison.  A special thanks to everyone who came in from out of town for this trip!

The trail-head was about 5 hours of driving from Seattle, so we set out early on Saturday.  We had a brush with Edmonds' finest as we tried unsuccessfully to sneak our last car onto the ferry.  Alas, we split up and the caboose just drove fast to catch up...

We gathered at the trail head, filled our water containers, and eventually set off on the hike by about 3 PM, which left us plenty of daylight for the short 4 mile hike to our intended camping grounds at Wedding Rocks.  Each of us carried a gallon of fresh water, since there were no streams or other sources of fresh water along the coast.

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D1ReadyToGo2.JPG (35236 bytes)

John finishes loading his pack.  Sarah is already in the lead!


D1ReadyToGo.JPG (43248 bytes)

A quick stop at the ranger station to fill up with water

As we set out for the hike along the boardwalks, we were excited that the unusually nice September weather held out for one more weekend.  The temperature was in the 70s during the day, and we didn't see our first clouds until Sunday afternoon.   You can see from the next few pictures that the hiking along the boardwalk was easy going.

D1HikingIn.JPG (31872 bytes)

The girls (Sarah, Allison, Kristina and Leslie) lead the way


D1HikingIn2.JPG (57940 bytes)

Joe, Michelle and John--about a quarter mile in

An hour into our hike, the boardwalks delivered us to the coast.   We stopped to enjoy the view for a while, before heading north along the beach.

D1FirstBeach.JPG (32183 bytes)

We reach the beach!  Our hike takes us North and
along to coast to the right side of the picture.


D1FirstBeachGroup.JPG (43241 bytes)

Happily on the beach!


The hike along the coast was exciting and variable.  Terrain changed from sand, to rocks, to fields of washed-up kelp, to stretches littered with driftwood.  Surprisingly the going was slow over a lot of this section.  In particular, the kelp was slippery and stinky, so we took our time.

D1HikingOnLogs.JPG (40932 bytes)

A typical stretch, small rocky beach, with logs covering it


D1HikingOnLogs2.JPG (45402 bytes)

Cruising along the logs

On our maps, there were two spots which were marked as "no passage at high tide".  With our 3 PM start from the trail-head, we didn't have a lot of flexibility to allow for tides.  As you can probably guess, we hit the first spot just past high tide, and there wasn't a good route along the shore.  The alternative was to climb up and down a steep detour route.  Thankfully there were ropes strung along the steepest parts, or we'd have been waiting for the tides to change.

D1LeslieDownRope.JPG (53205 bytes)

Leslie shows us how to get down the canyon

After another hour of hiking, we arrived at our campsite at Wedding Rocks.  We really didn't have a specific plan for where to camp, and had the good fortune to find a huge campsite in the first place we investigated.

D1SittingInArch.JPG (45916 bytes)

Kristina, The Unabomber (Leslie), and Joe at Wedding Rocks


D1SettingJohnsTent.JPG (41483 bytes)

Setting up Johns Tent - You can see we've found
a site just above the high-tide line.


D1KristinaSetsTent.JPG (41525 bytes)

Camping veteran Kristina shows us how it's done

We had hoped for two things on this trip:  A great sunset, and a huge campfire afterwards.  The unusually dry September put a burn-ban in place so the campfire was out.  The sunset more than made up for it.

D1FiveAtSunset.JPG (40830 bytes)

Leslie, John, Allison, Kristina and Joe enjoy the sunset


D1RocksInSurf.JPG (19903 bytes)

Looking south just before sunset


D1Sunset2.JPG (16699 bytes)

Looking west over a rock-field


D1SunsetThruArch.JPG (14532 bytes)

Sunset through the arch at wedding rocks


D1SunsetThruArch2.JPG (11616 bytes)

Wedding Rocks


D1Sunset1.JPG (11481 bytes)

Last Light

As the sun set, the temperature dropped, but never much below 60 degrees.  We put on our jackets and got to the business of making dinner.

D1CookingDinner.JPG (25416 bytes)

Allison, John and Michelle watching over a pot of pasta.
Temperature dropped to the high 50s but never really got cold.

We knew that Allison's birthday was on Saturday.  We'd be far from home, but had to celebrate!  John was the champ and packed in a surprise for her...

D1AllisonBirthday.JPG (15267 bytes)

Allison with her birthday cupcakes!

The next morning we broke camp about 10 am, and headed north to complete our loop.  The weather was still amazing, so we took our time and explored the coast a bit. 

D2HikingOnSandBar.JPG (25414 bytes)

Hiking North on a sand bar

We dropped our packs where the trail returned inland and explored the beach, hoping to find an archaeological dig site we'd seen on some maps.  Alas, all we found were some great views forwards to Canada, we'll have to return someday to find the dig.

We wrapped up the trip about 2 PM at the trailhead where we started. 

D2AtParkingLot.JPG (39275 bytes)

The hiking done, time to load up the Rover and head home


D2AtParkingLot2.JPG (31924 bytes)

Changing to comfy shoes

Overall, a fantastic trip!  We had incredibly good fortune with the weather, and really enjoyed how different camping along the coast was from the typical backpacking trip.

Thanks to everyone for coming along!