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1937 Map

Olympic National Forest
1937 Recreational Use Map
1936 USFS Olympic National Forest base map with hand-colored overlay and legend dated 2/8/38 initialled R.N.Y and EJH [assumed to be E. J. Hanzlik]

Mount Olympus National Monument was established by Theodore Roosevelt's 1909 Presidential proclamation as 610,000 acres, reduced by half by Woodrow Wilson in 1915, and transferred from USFS to NPS management in 1933.

The 134,000 acre Olympic Primitive Area and Snow Peaks Recreation Area were established by USFS in 1930, pursuant to the 1929 "Olympic Forest Recreation Plan" by USFS regional planner Fred W. Cleator.

This map predates by less than 5 months the establishment of Olympic National Park, which would occur on June 29, 1938.

Notes & scans by Rod Farlee, Jan. 7, 2012.

Source: National Archives, Pacific-Alaska Region, Seattle
Record Group 95 (USFS Region 6)
Historical Maps, 1908-1981
ARC Identifier 5155902, HSR/MLR Entry Numbers 6183-7181
Map Case 16, Drawer 5
Map Tube 48"L, 8" W, rolled canvas map, mylar sleeved.