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Topic: How Early Should I Arrive at the Airport
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How Early Should I Get to the Airport ?
At the airport you have to be at least one hour before your time for flight. It is recomended that passengers check in at least 60-90 minutes prior to their scheduled departure.

Get a Good Start
The physical and/or emotional stress on the human body experienced by many air travelers (whether it be excitement, fear, fatigue, nervousness or nausea) need not be heightened because of missing or nearly missing a flight. Give yourself peace of mind by preparing luggage and transportation logistics the night before. Also, be sure an alarm is set, even if you are already wide awake. The alarm isn't so much a reminder as it is a mental note to keep you focused on arriving on time at the airport.

Time Frame
Calculating a time frame of how early to arrive for a flight is fairly straight forward, yet highly variable. Quite simply, always allow more time than necessary. If unsure, contact the airline directly via phone for first-hand information. Online weather and map websites also provide good information for real-time updates of variables that could affect your airport arrival time.

Distance from and type of transport to the airport, airport size, expected traffic delays, the number and age of travelers; the quantity, size and type of checked bags; physical condition; time and the day of the week; the destination; booking method; security alert level and holidays should be universal considerations. However, a common, generic time-frame is virtually impossible to predict. Determining how early to arrive for a flight is less a matter of formulaic consistency, than a matter of common sense.

Obviously, if the reservation is made by e-ticket, the traveler has no checked bags and departs from Chicago to New York on a red-eye flight, he will normally need far less time than a family of six with three checked bags, heading from Chicago to Tokyo, on a Saturday during Christmas week.

All Things Considered
Logistics and other mainly avoidable variables aside, once entering the airport doors, it's a good idea to allow 1 1/2 hours for domestic flights and upwards of three hours for international departures. In most cases, there will be time to spare, but arriving a little early assures that the view will ultimately be downward from 15,000 feet instead of from the boarding area, watching your plane take off.

Only Yourself to Blame (Usually)
According to Bureau of Transportation statistics gathered at the Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA), in Washington D.C., airlines have exhibited an approximate reliability rate of 75 percent in on-time departures, between 1995 and 2009. In other words, if you do not allow enough time to arrive, check in and clear security, three out of four passengers could realistically miss their flights if arriving late to the airport.

How Early to Arrive for a Flight
Knowing how early to arrive for a flight comes down to a bit of research and organization. Planning ahead is important, as is understanding that although some things are nearly impossible to predict, most are avoidable. People miss flights.
Answers to Other Common Questions
How early should you arrive at the airport before a flight?
I would say 60-90 minutes.
How early should you arrive at the airport before an internationa flight.
Answer 1 hour because they have to do lots of checks on your passport to make sure that you are not a terrorist Answer Two hours before your flight leaves is the recommended minimum. I fly International about 3 times a year so Yes it is a chore.
How early should you arrive at the airport for an international flight.
You should be there at least two hours before departure, incase you have any problems.
How Early to Arrive at Airport ?
I usually arrive (pre-checked in, with carry on luggage only) 60 minutes before departure for U.S. flights and have never missed a flight. Even with that timeline, I usually have 10 minutes to fritter in the lounge.
Why did my wife arrive at the airport early ?
Your wife may have arrived at the airport early in order to avoid delays.