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Ken's Baggage & Frozen Food Storage, Inc.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

We offer a staffed storage service, providing you with an itemized claim check detailing the specific items stored as well as the daily fee to be charged. We can store anything from a small set of keys, to an envelope, your laptop, bicycle, suitcase, or base case. If it fits into our 4'x 10' entrance door - we can store it! We can store for a short time or for up to 60 days, however we do charge for every 24 hour period that we have your item in our custody. Storage prices are charged based upon the size of the item per every 24 hour period that it is stored.


keys/envelopes 4.00
small carry-on 6.50-7.50
suitcase 8.00-10.50
golf bags 9.00-12.00
duffel bags 7.00-10.50
boxes 6.50-15.00
backpacks 6.50-10.50
skis 10.00-12.00
dog kennels 7.50-12.00
specific quotes for unique items available upon request

Items other than keys/envelopes/lighters/pocket knives and perishable items stored less than 2 hours will be charged 1/2 price.

Custodian shall not be responsible for items left in excess of 60 days.


We offer both refrigerated and frozen storage capabilities to Sea-Tac Airport travellers. Storing of these perishable commodities shall not exceed 15 days.


single wrapped fish         $  12.00
small fish market box          14.00
wetlock boxes                    16/18/22.00
coolers                               14.00-22.00

Large parties requiring freezer storage during their stay in Seattle are encouraged to call for reservations at (206) 433-5333.