This site was a spin-off of the Windsox Trailhead Shuttle Site. If you got here from that site, then you can return to it by clicking the button that says "Return To Windsox". You can also visit that site if you are looking for information on Olympic National Park or want to enjoy the hospitality of the warm hearted Cate.

This site was set up using a screen resolution of 800x600 pixels with font size of 96 ppi. It is still visible using a resolution of 1024x768 and font size of 96 ppi (common factory setting). Cate has better eye sight than Elder Bob, so she prefers 1024x768. If you use the 800x600 resolution, then it is best to maximize the screen to eliminate wrap around of some lines. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer to view this site, then it is best to use a text size of medium (under view, then text size on the menu bar).

Originally Bob came across Cate's site while looking for information on Olympic National Park. He liked the site and contributed some information he had about the park to Cate. Rather then revealing the true source, she just said it was from "Elder Bob" which you would know if you read my biography on this site. Then I started sending her jokes and other informative material. She then created a page on her site containing the Wisdom of Elder Bob. That page increased to many pages and photos.

Finally it got to big to stay on her site and we decided to form a new site just for Elder Bob. So, that is the relation between Windsox's site and Elder Bob's site. There will be some duplication between the two sites. However the two sites are now separate, but still related. The Windsox site is strictly about the Olympic National Park and Elder Bob is strictly general amusement and informative material. Please keep that in mind when e-mailing Cate or Elder Bob. If you have comments about either site, make sure you contact the right person.

All the photos and images on this website are stored on and some other free sites. Those sites do have problems from time to time. If you visit this site and see a square box with a red "x", it probably means the photo site is down. You should right click on the box and then click on show photo. This happens sometimes for people using dial up. Sorry for the inconvience, but I have no control over it because it is a free site to store photos. Just come back at a later time to view the photos.

Thank you from Cate and Elder Bob

Elder Bob is also known as Robert L. Reese, Robert Reese or Bob Reese

Cate was known as Cate DeShazer

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