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Olympic National Park

Hiking the Northern Olympics

Easier Hikes - Lake Crescent and Sol Duc
Seven Lakes Basin - High Divide Loop. . . 18.2 miles. Easy access to subalpine meadows, good views.

Lake Crescent
Moments in Time Nature Trail is approximately a 1/2 mile loop trail and offers nice views of the lake and winds through old-growth forest and former homestead sites. It is located between Olympic Park Institute and Lake Crescent Lodge. A 1/3 mile trail extends from Storm King Ranger Station parking lot. Wheelchair travel requiring assistance.

Marymere Falls is a spectacular 90' waterfall just one mile from Lake Crescent. The trail leads through old growth forest with flowering plants and mushrooms in season. (Wheelchair: first 3/4 mile to Barnes Creek overlook only. Flat, loose graveled surface). Wheelchair travel requiring assistance.

Mount Storm King Trail climbs steeply for 1.7 miles from the Marymere Falls trail to a point on the ridge. Travel beyond that point to the top is over difficult terrain and the trail is not maintained. Good views of Lake Crescent.

Pyramid Peak Trail begins on the north shore of the lake and climbs 2600' in 3.5 miles. At the summit is a World War II aircraft spotter station. Good views of Lake Crescent and the Strait of Juan de Fuca enroute.

Spruce Railroad Trail connects the North Shore and Lyre River trailheads. Much of this relatively flat 4 miles (each way) trail runs on or adjacent to the World World I Spruce Railway bed and offers excellent Lake Crescent views. It is a designated bike trail. Watch for ticks and poison oak.

Sol Duc
Sol Duc Falls is 0.8 miles from the end of the Sol Duc River Road through dense forest. Sol Duc Falls/Lover's Lane loop (via campground) is six miles. The Lover's Lane section is rough and rocky.

Mink Lake Trail begins at the Sol Duc Resort and climbs 1400' in 2.5 miles through dense forest to the lake. Trout fishing.

Ancient Groves Nature Trail is a one-half mile loop through an old-growth forest and connects two roadside turnouts. For your safety, return along the loop trail rather than the road.

Seven Lakes Basin - High Divide Loop
Sol Duc River Trail, High Divide, Canyon Creek Trail

NPS foot trail with moderate to heavy use. 18.2 mile loop provides easy access to subalpine with exceptional views of interior mountains from High Divide. Seven Lakes Basin more than lives up to its name with opportunities to explore open subalpine meadows and lakes. Beautiful old growth forest below 3500 ft. elev.

Trail grade is flat first mile to Sol Duc Falls. Along Sol Duc River Trail to Appleton Pass Jct, gentle tomoderate grade. From there to High Divide moderate with a few steep sections. Ups and downs along High Divide. Moderately steep descent via switchbacks from Bogachiel Peak to Lunch Lake Trail jct. Moderate to gentle slope descending from there to Sol Duc Falls.

Elk are frequently seen in the headwaters of the Bogachiel. Bear sitings are common in the Seven Lakesbasin area. Deer Lake is aptly named; bear, deer can occasionally be seen in the Anderson Pass area. Fishing is a popular activity in many of the lakes, though there are no fish in Heart Lake and several of the smaller unnamed lakes in the basin.

Custom Correct - Seven Lakes Basin - Hoh
Green Trails - Mt. Tom #133
Mt. Olympus #134

Primary access is at the end of paved Sol Duc Hot Springs Road, 14 miles from US 101. Trail connects with Appleton Pass Trail, Hoh Lake Trail, and Bogachiel River Trail. Sol Duc is the main approach to cross country traverse through the Bailey Range.

Two miles before the trailhead is the Eagle Ranger Station, Sol Duc Campground (developed), and Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort. The Resort has showers, camper store, lunch counter, restaurant for breakfast anddinner, and overnight accommodations. Trailhead has stock loading ramp and hitch rail.

Trail Use
Primary destinations include Sol Duc Park, Heart Lake, Lunch Lake and Deer Lake, each of which hasmultiple campsites. Between Sol Duc Falls and Sol Duc Park are many convenient campsites and water.There are very few campsites and little water between Heart Lake and The Potholes (3/4 mi. above DeerLake) along the main trail. Lunch Lake is accessed by a .5 mi. spur trail. Other lakes are accessed crosscountry. Those campsites above 3500 ft. are heavily used.

0.0Sol Duc Trailhead(1950 ft. elevation)

0.8Sol Duc Falls(2000 ft.)

4.8 Appleton Pass Trail jct.(3000 ft.)

7.2Sol Duc Park, ranger station (summer)(4200 ft.)

8.0 Heart Lake(4800 ft.)

11.2 Lunch Lake Trail jct, ranger station at lake (summer)(4500 ft.)

14.5Deer Lake, ranger station (summer)(3600 ft.)

17.4 Sol Duc Falls

18.2 Sol Duc Trailhead

Off Season Use
Sol Duc Road is unmaintained in winter and is often closed by snow and downed trees. Route finding in the higher elevation areas can be difficult during periods of heavy snow cover. Early summer camping is frequently limited due to lingering snow in the higher elevations. Until mid July, an ice axe is usually necessary to travel around Bogachiel Peak, along High Divide and into the basin. Call ahead to check on conditions:

Management Concerns
Fragile plant communities, primarily heather and huckleberry, suffer from high visitation. Remain on trails in meadow areas. At campsites surrounded by fragile vegetation, keep tents, camp gear and feet off of plants. One generalization is that if living vegetation crackles under foot, it is very fragile. Campfires are permitted in established fire rings below the Appleton Pass jct and Below Deer Lake (below 3500 ft.)

Campsites in this area are generally limited to parties of six. Group camps for 7 to 12 people are available at Deer Lake and Sol Duc Park. Stock camps are available on the Sol Duc River Trail and Sol Duc Park. A llama camp is available at Deer Lake.

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