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Olympic National Park

Hiking the Rainshadow

Easier Hikes

Grand Valley Trail . . . 7.8 miles of extended alpine views. Wildflowers & marmots.
Cameron Creek Trail . . . 13.3 miles. Follow the creek to the Dosewallips River
Royal Creek Trail . . . 7.2 miles. Passes by avalanche area with spectacular display of wildflowers.
Upper Graywolf River Trail . . . 13 miles. Old-growth forest to sub-alpine area.

Easier Hikes

Terrace Loop Trail begins and ends 100 yards from the Dosewallips Ranger Station on the Dosewallips River trail. The Dosewallips River is accessible along this 1.5 mile trail.

Grand Valley Trail (#88+89)
Obstruction Point to Grand Pass

NPS foot trail with high use. After a gradual ascent and following Lillian Ridge, the trail descends rather steeply with narrow grade to Grand Lake. It then follows Grand Creek up past Moose and Gladys Lakes before climbing steeply to Grand Pass. The entire area is located in a fragile subalpine environment.

Extended alpine views of the entire route make this a very popular hike. Opportunities for seeing marmots and wildflowers. Grand and Moose Lakes contain brook trout.

Custom Correct - Graywolf, Dosewallips
Green Trails - Mt. Angeles
7.5 min USGS - Maiden Peak
15 min USGS - Mt. Angeles

The Obstruction Point Trailhead parking lot is at the end of the Obstruction Point Road (gravel, single track, winding) 8 miles from Hurricane Ridge parking lot. Hurricane Ridge is 17.0 miles from the PioneerMemorial Museum. The nearest campground is Heart O' the Hills. There are no horse facilities nearby.

Trail Use
Primary destinations are Grand and Moose Lakes. This trail is not passable to pack stock due to the steep talus slopes it traverses. Tread is narrow but presents no problem to hikers.

0.0Obstruction Point Trailhead (6100 ft.)

3.7Grand Lake, junction w/ Badger Valley Trail(4750 ft.)

4.1Moose Lake(5100 ft.)

4.7Gladys Lake(5400 ft.)

6.0 Grand pass(6400 ft.)

7.8Cameron Trail(4150 ft.)

Off season Use
The Obstruction Point Road is not plowed. It is closed to motor vehicles whenever snow makes traveldifficult. It is therefore not advisable to park at the trailhead during times of the year when it may snowheavily. When the road is open, the trail is usually snow free. In case of a stormwhile in the valley, it is advisable to come out via the Badger Valley Trail (despite the difficult streamcrossing) since it is less exposed at the top.

Management Concerns
High use and moderate to heavy resource impacts. Use care with sanitation, especially near the lakes andstreams. Use toilet located at Grand Lake. Stoves-only in the total area. Reservations available forovernight use in this quota area, although some backcountry areas of the park now require reservations while others in quota areas of the park have reservations available for 50 percent of the available sites. Register at the Wilderness Information Center in Port Angeles, phone (360) 565-3100. Campers MUST camp in designated sites only.

Cameron Creek Trail
Three Forks to Dosewallips River via Cameron Creek

National Park Service trail maintained for foot traffic. Trail open to stock to Cameron Basin. Stock notrecommended beyond Cameron Basin. Trail begins at Three Forks camp and follows Cameron Creek toCameron Basin to Cameron Pass and onto Lost Pass and the Dosewallips River. The route climbs gradually up through mixed forest until it reaches the sub-alpine zone just below Cameron Basin.

Custom Correct - Gray Wolf - Dosewallips
Green Trails - Tyler Peak #136

This trail can be accessed via Deer Park or the Lower Graywolf Trail. A small primitive campground is located at Deer Park. The Three Forks Trail descends 4.1 miles to Three Forks camp.

Trail Use
Water is available nearly the entire route. Boil or treat all drinking water. Campfires are prohibited above4,000 ft.

0.0Three Forks Camp(2600 ft. elevation)

4.9Lower Cameron Shelter(3800 ft.)

7.0Junction w/Grand Pass Trail(3950 ft.)

9.0Cameron Basin(5250 ft.)

10.5Cameron Pass(6450 ft.)

12.4Lost Pass(5550 ft.)

13.3 Dosewallips Trail(4450 ft.)

There are no stock facilities located at Deer Park. Trailers are not recommended on the Deer Park road as it is not wide enough.

Off Season Use
Snow lingers at Cameron Pass and Lost Pass until mid-summer. Ice axes are recommended during thisperiod of time. Avalanche conditions may be present from late fall to early summer. There are no fireallowed above 4,000 ft.

Management Concerns
Hikers must camp in pre-existing sites and use pre-existing fire rings where fires are allowed. If travellingcross-country, camp on bare ground only. Bury all human waste and pack out your toilet paper.

Royal Creek Trail
Royal Creek to Royal Lake

This trail begins at USFS Dungeness Trailhead. 1.3 miles to Park Boundary. The route climbs steadily for about seven miles to Royal Lake. Stock are allowed only as far as the Lower Basin (5700 ft.) Stock are not allowed to Royal Lake.

The Trail begins in dry open forest. Some trees are quite large. It passes through three or four avalancheareas where spectacular displays of wildflowers can be seen. After about 4.5 miles the hiker begins to enter the sub-alpine zone which continues beyond Royal Lake. The trail follows the Dungeness River for one mile and then follows Royal Creek for the remainder of the hike.

Custom Correct - Gray Wolf - Dosewallips
Green Trails - Tyler Peak, WA #136

The Dungeness Trailhead is located along USFS road #2860approximately one hour from Sequim.

Trail Use
Boil, treat or filter all water. Beautiful sub-alpine meadowscan be found near Royal lake. Fires are not permitted above 4,000 feet.

0.0Dungeness Trailhead (2500 ft. elevation)

1.0Junction with Royal Creek (2750 ft.)

1.5Park Boundary(3000 ft.)

6.2Lower Basin(4750 ft.)

7.2 Royal Lake(5100 ft.)

Off-Season Use
Royal Lake becomes snowfree late May to Mid June. Snow willremain in the upper basin until late July.Avalanche conditions and steep snow slopes exist through thewinter season.

Management Concerns
Royal Basin is one of the more heavily used sub-alpine lakeareas in Olympic National Park. Fires are notpermitted above 4000 ft. Camp only in designated sites atRoyal Lake and/or on bare ground. There are notoilets in Royal Basin. Bury all human waste six inches ormore in organic soil. Pack out all toilet paperand garbage. It is recommended that visitor urinate on rocksor in trails. This will prevent deer and otherwildlife from digging up fragile vegetation. Hang all food asbear and deer are present in the area. Some backcountry areas of the park now require reservations while others in quota areas of the park have reservations available for 50 percent of the available sites. Forthe latest information contact the WildernessInformation Center in Port Angeles, phone (360) 565-3100.

Mt. Deception and the Needles are NOT walk-ups. Routes tend tobe very steep and the rock and snow tendto be very rotten. Not recommended for inexperienced hikers orclimbers. Please check with Royal Basinranger (summer only) or the Wilderness Center conditions forspecial hazards.

Upper Graywolf River Trail
Park Boundary to Dosewallips River via Upper Graywolf Trail

National Park Service trail maintained for foot and stock traffic to Falls Creek shelter. Trail is seldom maintained beyond shelter. This trail climbs gradually through old growth forests up into the sub-alpine zone near Gray Wolf Pass. Cedar Lake way trail is not maintained and stock are prohibited on this trail.

Custom Correct - Gray Wolf - Dosewallips
Green Trails - Mt. Angeles #135
Tyler Peak #136

The Gray Wolf trail can be access via the USFS Gray Wolf Trailhead, the Slab Camp Trailhead, or the Three Forks Trailhead.

Trail Use
This trail receives moderate use. The majority of hikers start from Deer Park and come in via the ThreeForks Trail. There is plenty of water available once one hits the Gray Wolf trail. Campsites exist at ThreeForks, Camp Ellis, Falls Shelter. Hikers must camp in pre-existing sites.

Stock Use
There are no stock facilities at Deer Park or the Three Forks Trailhead. Stock users should follow signs atThree Forks to the horse ford. DO NOT follow the foot trail. Stock will not be able to ford this way as the river enters somewhat of a canyon.

0.0Three Forks(2250 ft. elevation)

2.7Camp Ellis(3200 ft.)

5.4Falls Shelter(4000 ft.)

9.5Graywolf Pass(6200 ft.)

13.0Dosewallips River(3600 ft.)

Off Season Use
During the winter, spring, and early summer season, Gray Wolf Pass will likely be under snow. Avalanche conditions may be present and ice ax is recommended. The trail is also subject to great numbers of windfall and washouts.

Management Concerns
Campers must camp in pre-existing campsites and use designated fire rings for campfires where allowed.Campfires are prohibited above 4,000 ft. Cedar Lake Way Trail is not maintained and may be difficult tofollow in places. No Fires at Cedar Lake.

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