George Shaube Port Angeles - 1956

1891 - 1967

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The Special Life of George Albert Shaube

spacer 1891
spacer Born March 18, 1891, Sutton Street, East Providence
spacer Rhode Island.

spacer Childhood years
spacer Traveled extensively worldwide on cargo ships 'captained' by
spacer his father, Albert Shaube. First excursion was in 1892 to
spacer Auckland, New Zealand.

spacer 1899
spacer Left his Stanton Island home to travel aboard a variety of
spacer cargo ships with his father.

spacer 1899
spacer Eight years old and had just completed a trip around Cape
spacer Horn from New York in the barkentine W.B. Flint (a ship
spacer in the sugar trade running between the islands and
spacer San Francisco) with his dad, who was the ship's commander,
spacer after a trip of 118 days - not fast - but considered a fair
spacer trip. According to George, as quoted in an article to the
spacer Editor of The Aberdeen World sometime in the 1960's:

spacer “Life for me at sea consisted of school from 9 AM to
spacer 2 PM, learning the 3 Rs and the rudiments of navigation,
spacer for Dad hoped I would follow in his footsteps and take
spacer to the sea. When school was over, I had other duties
spacer aboard ship - painting, chipping rust, etc. I didn't
spacer like to leave my mother and my sisters, for I didn't
spacer know when I would see them again, and as it turned out
spacer it was 15 years before I did.”

spacer Also George did receive some schooling in Maui, at a little place
spacer called Sprecklesville, a few miles from Kahului.

spacer 1906
spacer 'Snuck off' (as he was tired of going to sea) the barkentine
spacer Retriever (his father, Albert, was Captain) at the age of 16,
spacer went to Murray and Ready employment office on East Street
spacer (now the Embarcadero), S.F. and landed a job at the Standard
spacer Lumber Company in Sonora, California. When the S.F. earthquake
spacer hit, George left his job at the lumber company and went back
spacer to S.F. He met up again with his father, and made a trip with
spacer him on the lumber cargo ship Retriever to the Puget Sound
spacer area. In the years that followed, George 'drifted around'
spacer the Pacific Northwest, working in logging camps and riding the
spacer rails in boxcars, as many men did in those days.

spacer 1917
spacer November, enlisted in the U.S. Army during World War I.
spacer Served in the United States Army, with tours of duty in the
spacer Philippines, France, and Siberia.

spacer 1919
spacer Honorable United States Army discharge, April 24, 1919,
spacer #174188 Private 23rd Company 20th Engineers. George was
spacer 28 years old when he enlisted, occupation given as
spacer Woodsman (blue eyes, brown hair, medium complexion,
spacer five feet 7 inches in height.

spacer 1919 - 1921
spacer Employed as a Fire Guard during the summer months of these
spacer years in the Quilcene District of the Olympic National Forest
spacer (worked under J.W. Fulton, District Manager).

spacer 1923 - 1929
spacer Was given land by the U.S. Government, as they were doing
spacer with many servicemen, to homestead. This is when he 'made
spacer claim' to the roughly 40 acres upon which he built the
spacer Shaube/Smith cabin, and upon which he lived until approx.
spacer 1932.

My grandfather is the person in the right-most portion in the photo.  We aren't sure who the other people are.
These three photos were taken in the time frame of around 1923 - 1925, showing the cabin when my grandfather was building at, as well as a photo of my grandmother sitting on the front porch, my uncle, now around 76 years old, seated next to her. Note, these photos are most likely the only ones in existence and show the cabin as it was originally constructed, before Oscar Smith purchased it from my grandfather and made his own changes/additions.

Also, here are excerpts, verbatim, from my grandfather's daily journal, pertaining to his life on the Queets and building the cabin:

My grandfather is standing in the doorway.  The cabin is near completion.

spacer February 26, 1923

spacer “Building cabin 6 miles from
spacer Queets. Fine day.”

spacer February 27, 1923

spacer “Still working on cabin. Timber
spacer hard to get. Fine day. No boat..”

spacer I'm assuming his reference to a boat
spacer was one that brought supplies to him.

My grandmother, in the right-most portion of the photo, with my uncle sitting next to her on the front porch of the cabin

spacer February 28, 1923

spacer “Westerly storm blowing today.
spacer Working on cabin. Nearly completed.
spacer High surf.”

spacer March 2, 1923

spacer “Fine day. Cold. Cabin completed.
spacer Partner going to Queets.”

spacer Not sure who he meant by 'partner'.

spacer 1925
spacer Married Alta R. Northup (of the infamous Northup family, many
spacer of whom were of very honorable notoriety in the Pacific
spacer Northwest and for whom Alta Creek is named) February 2,
spacer 1925 in Montesano at the Grays Harbor County Court House,
spacer County of Grays Harbor, State of Washington, by the
spacer Presbyterian Minister Charles E. Sharp and certified by County
spacer Clerk Letha M. Wagner. Certificate of Marriage is No. 5485,
spacer recorded in the County of Grays Harbor, State of Washington.
spacer George was 33 years old; Alta was 18 years old.

spacer 1925
spacer Lived on the 40-acre homestead 'Shaube/Smith Cabin' where
spacer they farmed, fished, hunted, and lived off the land.

spacer 1925 - 1928
spacer Summer seasons again, worked as a Fire Guard and Trail
spacer Foreman in the Quinault District of the Olympic National
spacer Forest (worked under J.W. Fulton, District Manager).

spacer 1929
spacer Sold the homestead to Oscar Smith and moved to the Killea
spacer Guard Station near the Kelly Dude Ranch in the upper
spacer Queets Country so that their son, Lorne, could attend school.

spacer 1929 - 1941 (approx.)
spacer Lived at Queets, Clearwater, Kalaloch Beach, Quinault Lake,
spacer and various other locations in the Olympic National Park area
spacer where there was work available. In 1941, moved to Hoquiam
spacer and lived on the Dekay Road, Route 3, Box 142 (George worked
spacer in a Pulp Mill for a short time while living at this location).

spacer 1933 - 1934
spacer Employed as a Forest Ranger, Department of Conservation and
spacer Development, Division of Forestry, Olympia, Washington,
spacer Jefferson, Mason, and Grays Harbor Counties.

spacer 1940
spacer Employed as a Fire Warden, Department of Conservation and
spacer Development Division of Forestry, Olympia, Washington,
spacer Clallam County.

spacer 1944 - 1945
spacer Employed with the Department of Highways, State of
spacer Washington, receiving the Safety Certificate two-year
spacer no-accident award for this period.

spacer 1945
spacer Moved to Astoria, Oregon, where George went into partnership
spacer with Wilbur and Frank Northup, buying a commercial Fishing
spacer boat named The Destiny.

spacer 1952
spacer Moved to Port Angeles, Washington, and semi-retired.

spacer 1957
spacer Moved to Morro Bay, California, partly for better climate
spacer and to be closer to Alta's brother-in-law (Wilbur Northup)
spacer and his family.

spacer 1967
spacer Passed away, May 1, 1967, place of residence was Morro Bay,
spacer California, (died of lung cancer in Sierra Vista Hospital,
spacer San Luis Obispo, 11:20 AM). Laid to rest in the Sunset
spacer Memorial Cemetery, Hoquiam, Washington, per his request.

Summarized by his grandson, Michael Lujan, from notes and other materials collected by Michael's mother, Mary Ann, daughter of George Shaube. Mr. Lujan has kindly included his e-mail address. If you have comments or additional information please contact MR. LUJAN.

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