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Lost Pass
https://www.nps.gov/ olym/ planyourvisit/ lost-pass-trail.htm
View of Mt. Cameron from Lost Pass
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http://www.summitpost. org/ lost-pass-route/216720
Views from Lost Pass
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http://www.barefoot jake.com /2012/09/ balancing- passes-30-days-in- onp- section.html
Descending into Lost Basin with views of Lost Peak
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http://www.thesuns.net/ hiking/2011/ 4%20passes%20(9-24-11)/4%20 passes.htm
A Southly view of the Lost Basin, Lost Peak, Partial Thousand Acre Meadows, Sentinel Peak, & Hayden Pass (barely) can be seen.
Lost Pass
http://www.thesuns.net/ hiking/2011/ 4%20passes%20(9-24-11)/ 4%20passes.htm
Lost Pass Peak, Lost Basin, and Cameron Pass / Mountain
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http://www.thesuns.net/ hiking/2011/4%20passes %20(9-24-11)/4%20passes. htm
A Cameron Basin view on the way up to the Cameron Pass (6500 ft elev)
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Lost Peak and flowers
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http://www.summitpost. org/lost-pass-view/234929
Looking Southeast towards the summit of Wellesley Peak from Lost Pass
Lost Pass
http://backpackin4ever. blogspot.com/2012/11/ 42-miles-4-passes-in- 4-days-day-3.html
Mount Claywood
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http://www.barefootjake. com/2011/09/solo-across- olympic-national-park- 2011.html
Grand Peak to Dose Meadow
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http://www.nwhikers. net/forums/ viewtopic .php?p=532930
Lost Basin near Lost Pass, Olympic National Park, Washington.
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http://www.summitpost.org/ lost-pass-route/216720
Lost Peak Summit