MIKE MacFERRIN'S OLYMPIC SOLO TREK....July 9 - August 8, 2004

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"A NAME CAN SAY A LOT about a place, or nothing at all. Olympic says a lot. It says that this is as good as it gets. Here, astride the pinnacle of excellence, stands the champion."
...."Nature's Champion, Olympic National Park," John G. Mitchell, National Geographic Magazine, July 2004

One night in July, several years back...

I sat on a forested ledge watching the sun set over the western horizon. I was alone, three days into a solo backpack of Mt. Rainier's Wonderland Trail. I remember the salient details vividly... the sun quietly retreating over the West on a distant range of coastal peaks, silhouetting the dark spires against a palette of oranges, reds, purples and blues. "That's where I'll go next," I said silently to no one. "The Olympic Mountains... there's got to be a way to connect the trails into a loop... I'll create my own Wonderland of the Olympics. What a cool trip that would be...."

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July 9th
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July 23rd
July 24th
Boulder Trailhead to Olympic Hot Springs
Olympic Hot Springs - Oyster Lake
Appleton Pass - Mink Lake
Mink Lake
Sol Duc River - Traci Falls
Traci Falls - Bogachiel Trail
Bogachiel Trail - Forks
Resupply day in Forks
Forks - Shi Shi Trailhead
Ozette River - Norwegian Memorial
Norwegian Memorial - Ellen Creek
Rialto Beach - Scott Creek
Strawberry Point - Mosquitoe Creek
Mosquitoe Creek - Oil City Trailhead
Resupply day in Forks
Queets River Trailhead - Smith Cabin
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August 9th
Smith Cabin - Queets Valley
Queets Valley
Queets Valley - Queets Canyon
Queets Canyon - Canyon Creek
Canyon Creek - Jeffers Drainage
Jeffers Drainage - Service Falls
Service Falls - Queets River Basin
Queets River Basin - Queets/Elwha Divide
Queets/Elwha Divide - Mt. Pulitzer
Mt. Pulitzer - Cream Lake
Cream Lake - Seven Bull Basin
Catwalk - Hoh Lake
Hoh Lake - Five Mile Island
Five Mile Island
Five Mile Island - Olympia, Washington