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An idyllic day at Mink Lake . The sun shines brightly, drying my gear and giving my pale body a welcome tan. Last night I saw a river otter catching fish across the pond. He has returned this morning, feasting on the bounty of the lake. Today I spend time getting to know him, his patterns (three deep breaths and a dive before coming up with a small fish in his teeth) and his routes around the lake. Several times I have surprised him, sneaking up while he dives under the grassy ledge at the lake's edge. He dives for a minute or two (hoping I will go away), finally surfaces, and splashes away in a frenetic swim. I have taken dozens of pictures, including several foolhardy attempts to use my binoculars with the camera for telephoto (do not bother, it is not worth it). I wash clothes, and spend the evening watching a brilliant sunset on the lake in the waning moments of the evening. Sleeping out under the open starry sky, I notice myself enjoying life more than I have in a long time. I fall asleep with a smile on my face, and river otters dancing in my head.