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Aerial View of Forks Forks Visitor Center
Resupply day in Forks. I'm off to the Thriftway grocery, the hardware store, the coffee shop, the laundromat, the ice-cream and candy shoppe (they don't have Jelly Bellies at the regular grocery! ), and the public library, where friends and family get long-awaited e-mails.

Mid-afternoon I meet OlyHiker (aka Jeremy... who will accompany me on the coastal hike) and we spend the remainder of the afternoon walking this little town, getting to know each other. At night we're both camped out on the porch. As I crawl under my tarp (unsure of the weather tonight), I notice a putrid smell... what on earth is that? I don't smell that bad, do I? Nope. I soon find out that the pet cat, seemingly upset with my campground on it's porch, peed all over the hood of my sleeping bag sometime this evening. Gross! OlyHiker has an empathetic laugh at my sorry predicament, and I can't help but chuckle at the misfortune myself. I sleep an uncomfortable night, avoiding the wet bag like the plague. We leave for the coast at 8:00 tomorrow morning... plenty of time to get to the laundromat by 7:00 and (hopefully) clean this bag before we head out for leg 2.

Besides the incident with the cat, it's been a wonderful trip, and I look forward to heading to the North Olympic Coast tomorrow. Here's to a safe and glorious journey!