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Overview Wynoochee Lake Expedition

On Oct. 1, 1994 Andrew Peterson along with his brother and their wives came across a "trail" in the snow. The tracks which were believed to be physicaly impossible to hoax were located approx. 3,500 ft. in elevation. The area was a "closed area" and had been for at least 6 months. In the months ahead it was discovered that many more sightings of not only tracks, but a pair of Sasquatch were being reported. The most recent sighting being in the Fall of 1997.

This area is located in Grays Harbor County, Wa. approx. 25 miles north of the City of Montesano, Washington. The Specific area sits within the Olympic National Forest and lies between to large ridges approx. 25 miles across, with an elevation range of 500 - 4,500 feet. the terrain is very steep consisting of old growth and some second. The search area consists of approx. 5 sq. miles, that we feel should be kept anoynomous for now, do to obvious reasons. Involved in the expedition were Andrew Peterson, Philip Luce, and David Peterson. They were equiped with Sony video/audio equipment, spotting scopes, binocular optics, still 35 mm Camera, GPS, Casting Material, 35 watt Radio, cellphone equipt, and for transportation a four wheel drive Ford Explorer. The weather was cool, cloudy w/lite rain/snow determined by elevation.

There are 5 sighting locations that were to be explored first. Particular attention was paid to water supply areas. Nearby creek beds, and lake banks were checked for tracks and many open areas were viewed by optics. Pictures were taken of the sighting areas, and surrounding landscapes. The main focus was the area of tracks found in 1994.

The old "trail" was back tracked, and some video was taken. The deep valley where Andrew remembered observing the tracks lead to was obviously still very rough and thick with vegetation. Pictures were taken of the path and direction of tracks. By memory Andrew explained that his shoe size was 9 1/2 and that the tracks were about two of his shoe prints placed heel to toe. The strides made were approx. 6-8 feet apart. Andrew recalled, "I remember the tracks were not distorted much in the snow, and when we tried to jump along side the tracks we could, but that it "looked like we jumped." He explained, "It appeared that the creature that made these tracks, did so gracefully and without any trouble at all. " Video was taken of Andrew who stands at about 6 ft. tall walk the route and slip almost falling at one point due to the angle incline. It was just one more point that was made to eliminate hoaxing.

The area was like always, vast (meaning miles of timber country as far as the eye could see) and void of people. Several comments were made from the search members, one being "A herd of Wooley Mammoths could be here and we could never find em!"

Lots of wildlife was observed including Elk, Deer, Grouse and Coyote however no sign of Sasquatch. We have a theory and plan to continue our search efforts. If and when we recieve any sighting reports, our search will of course be directed there.

Our next Expedition is being planned and will be posted as soon as possible. Its looking like it will be held in the Kalaloch area within the County of Jefferson. Trips to the Wynoochee Lake area are still ongoing by Andrew Peterson and George Kelley for monitoring documentation.

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