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Fun things to know about Washington
These are some of my favorite places. Washington is a nice place to visit but PLEASE don't move here. We grow moss on our feet and have slugs big enough to eat your pets.. :-)
Just keep on a going to Idaho.

Fun Places To Visit

Planning a trip to Washington?

Chambers of Commerce in Washington State

Wonderful pictures of Washington State

Links to Washington State Parks



Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad

Do you like river rafting?
Green River Gorge

Neah Bay

Tulalip Reservation

Wonderland Trail - 1

Wonderland Trail - 2

Ape Cave

Northwest Trek

A visit to Washington isn't complete without a visit to the San Juan Islands
San Juan Web

Friday Harbor

Port Townsend

Whale Museum

Washington State Whale Watching

Federation Forest State Park

The Mima Mounds in Thurston County are magical.
A wonderful hike, and a magical place, a must see.

We are lucky enough to have this trail in our own backyard, so to speak.
Foothills Trail

Federation Forest State Park - another site

Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls - another site

Hoh Rainforest

I try to travel here each year, it is wonderful.
Experience the North Cascades

OK, can you believe there is a city named George in Washington?
The City of George, Washington. With information on the famous Gorge Amphitheater

The Gorge Concerts

Lake Ozette, Cape Alava,Sand Point Loop Hike

There is a lot to do at Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan Scenery

You can reach out and touch the stars here,
Goldendale Observatory

Grand Coulee Dam

While we are on the east side of the mountain, we have enjoyed our stays here.
Crescent Bar Resort

Tacoma's Musuem of Glass

Freighthouse Square

Tacoma Art Museum

Tacoma Historical Museum

The best of Seattle from Seattle Magazine, including getaways,dining, shopping, top doctors and lawyers, restaurants, arts, and a newcomers guide.
Seattle Magazine Online Guide  

Pike Place Market  

Space Needle

Tillicum Village

Washington State Ferries

Washington Skiing

Fishing in Washington

Washington State Bicycle Paths and Trails

White water rafting in Washington State

Guide to the Puget Sound region

Skagit River Eagle Watching

Skagit River Resort and River Tours

More pictures and tourist ideas

Do you have children? Western Washington has a wonderful summer camps for youth.
WWU sponsered camp

This picture was taken by Christopher Carroll in the Hoh Rainforest. He gave me permission to put it on my site, thank you.
A living tree?

My son went on OUtward bound when he was 15, here in Washington state. This is the program he did, it was wonderful,
Outward Bound West, North Cascades backpacking

Carbon Glacier Bridge
This is the bridge I got a bit too careless on and slipped off of, hanging by one hand with my pack. I survived!!

There is a great Pagan community in Puget Sound. Here is some information.


Washington State multiple chemical sensitivities network

Celebrities from Washington State

Northwest Mystery Authors

Washington State Sasquatch Sightings-
May have to rest above link.

The old Narrows Bridge, Galloping Gertie fell down.


Washington Webcam Directory

Do you want to get a weather or news report?

Weather Conditions for climing an hiking at Mt. Rainier

From the city of Sumner's site, a link to other cities, news, schools, goverment agencies and voting information, military bases in the Puget Sound area.
Puget Sound area guide.

A nice hike to Camp Muir

Here are some free message boards for our area, want ad's and swaps. Find you area.
" To Good To Toss.

" Craig's List, Seattle-Tacoma areas.

The ever looming Mountain.
Mount Rainier photo

" NEW " Cascades Volcano Observatory with input from William E. Scott, who feels we must be very watchful.

Lahar (mudflow information)

Volcanoes USGS info

Mud / Waterflows around Mount Rainier

The University of Washington Geophysics Program: Mount Rainier Seismicity Information

Mt. St. Helens
Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

Cascade Range Volcanos Current and Past Activity

The old man that went with the Mountain - Harry Truman

Earthquake Hazards of Washington State - 1

Earthquake Hazards of Washington State - 2

Earthquake Activity in Washington State

Earthquakes in WA. and OR.

Cascade Range and Answers about Earthquakes in WA. and OR.volcanos, current and past activity logs.

Pacific Northwest Earthquake Information - from the PNSN

Global warming and climate changes
How Global Warming is changing Washington State

Washington Disaster Center

Emergency notification in Washington State.
Washington Emergency Communication Services

Notify by email, cell phone and pager.

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
Be Aware
Find Washington State Sex Offenders.

Helpful information for Washington State travel and living
Newspapers in Washington and links to radio and TV

Would you like to know about school closures in Washington State?
School Closure Information

Up to date news from Washington State


Road and traffic conditions

Mountain Pass Conditions

Washington Ferry schedules and information

Donate to childrens literacy.
Page Ahead in Seattle

Washington State Universities and Colleges

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A lot of information on Dr. Sillito and his treatments and self help

Molly and Matt Brignall are Natropaths, Matt has a strong focus on cancer patients. They are both very kind.
Commencement Bay Natural Medicine.

Kandi at Mountain Rain Essentials makes wonderful NATURAL skin care products.
Mountain Rain Essentials -

Darrin at Notableweb opened the door for me, so I could learn to maintain my site.

Back Yard Birding and Nature Center

Windmill Gardens

Our Animal Friends

James W. Anable Jr. is an attourney in Seattle that practices animal law.

Paul Mabrey. He practices animal law

If you are looking for a licensed massage therapist for your pet, you might want to try Linda Clark at 1-360-897-6163, she is near the Enumclaw, Buckley area. She does housecalls.

Martha Norwalk's Animal World


Hootersville Pet Adpoption

I would like to thank West Coast Chihuahua Rescue and Mary Whiting for rescuing a blind Chihuahua that nobody else wanted. Poncho thanks you too.

West Coast Chihuahua Rescue

Pasado's Safe Haven

Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue